Howdy, Folks,

It gives me great pleasure to report this month that the business of the club is moving along. A lot of work was accomplished soliciting volunteers to fill all of our committee assignments. Now that our committees have been filled, work will progress at the committee level. My sincere thanks to the board and our club members for making this happen.

We now have a new regional club in California. I applaud the Chinese Crested Club of Southern California for their hard work in obtaining AKC recognition. In addition, the board and membership approved 16 new members this month. It’s very exciting to see our club growing in so many ways. I want to encourage all in the club to solicit new members, and, to let the board know how we are doing, with feedback from the membership.

All work for the February Specialty is complete and has been approved by the AKC.

Our website and online journal is getting some 3,000 hits a month. This has proven to be a great asset to our club and a working communication between the board and our membership. Continue to check for updates to our journal.

The board has issued a formal statement against the PAWS legislation to encourage and support those actively campaigning against it.

Again, let the board hear from you. We encourage feedback and communication to give us confidence that we are representing the general membership’s concerns and goals for our club.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Susan Miller