We are all well into the new year and I hope that your holidays were filled with joy.

As most of you know, Phyllis Lane lost her husband to a heart attack. Phyllis herself was hospitalized with heart problems following this traumatic event. Phyllis is a great asset to our club, whom we have come to rely on for our line of communication between the Board and the members. Thankfully, she is feeling better, digging in, and running the Journal and our website. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Our website continues to get a wonderful response with over 6,000 hits in January. Both the Journal and our website are updated frequently with reports and information that will keep you informed about the activities of your Club.

The ACCC February Specialty was a tremendous success. Thanks go to Penny Inan, who went above and beyond to make it all happen. Additional thanks go out to Julie Wells and Rachel Morris for their help with the trophies; Jim Gardner for being our wonderful ring steward, chief cook and bottle washer. Sharon McCadam, Carol Martz, Sue Gardner, Dick Dickerson and the Friedlines also contributed selflessly to the event. The biggest “shout out” should go to the exhibitors who supported our fundraisers. We raised $430 with the 50/50 raffle hosted by Victor Helu. We raised an additional $130 through silent auction of the beautiful print donated by Pat Bickerstaff. It was won by Dick Dickerson.

Everyone should be looking forward to the June 2006 National Specialty. The folks in California are working hard to make this a fun and memorable event. A second local hotel is being secured, as the host hotel is already full.

The logo contest deadline is May 1, 2006. Contestants are to submit their logos to Karen Cooper. See our Journal for more details. The general membership will vote for our logo at the general meeting, during the June 2006 National.

The nominations for the 2006 Officers and the Board of Directors have been completed and sent to the membership. All nominees will be running unopposed. Thank you for your confidence in the nominating committee. We are all committed to serving the membership to the best of our abilities.

The Board has been discussing the February show site in Secaucus, NJ. It has both benefits and limitations. The ACCC has been invited to join thetwenty breed specialty shows, that are held each year at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan. The Board discussed at length the benefits and limitations of this show site as well. It was decided to move the ACCC Winter Specialty to the Hotel Pennsylvania in 2007. This is the same show site as the Progressive Toy Dog Club Show, which is held on the Friday before Westminster. The hotel is located directly across the street from Madison Square Garden, the site of the Westminster Dog Show.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Miller, President