President’s Report

Hello, on another beautiful day in Lewisville, Texas. The spring weather here has made being indoors almost impossible. I have a few short announcements regarding the Club’s activities and upcoming events, then this issue is off to the printer and then to the post office. Then we can all get back to our spring activities. This issue, when mailed, will also contain, for your records, a CD of the ACCC Journal from the inception of the electronic version to now.

Exciting news, the AKC has approved Agility events in conjunction with our Confirmation and Obedience events! Lisa Kristof and the Crested Agility people worked very hard to collect the pertinent data and get it submitted to the AKC. Thanks a million Lis!

As part of this edition of the Journal a statement from the Standard Clarification Committee is enclosed. Please read it carefully and be sure to contact us with your ideas and suggestions. With all of us pulling together and working as a group I think we can clarify our intentions and portray what we really mean.

I would like to encourage every member to become a part of our membership drive. We want to be an all inclusive club and get as many Crested Fanciers as we can to participate in our decision making process. Let’s all bring in new members over the next year.

Speaking of next year, our 2007 Specialty in Oklahoma City is in the planning stages. If you would like to help with the Specialty please contact Pat Welch our Show Chairman for next year. Her e-mail address is

Speaking of this year, if you have made trophy pledges for the 2006 Long Beach Specialty please send them to Penny Inan. The trophies have been purchased and are awaiting our arrival to Long Beach! Please meet the Advertising deadline for our Catalog. This is the 25th AKC ACCC Anniversary event. It is sure to become a souvenir. It will be an exciting show.

Our General Meeting in Long Beach will be Saturday, June 17th, thirty minutes after the Judging of Dogs. It will be conducted by Agenda only. If you have business you would like to discuss at the General Meeting, please send it to me at for scheduling on the Agenda. . This will be a little different way of handling things but I think will help us be organized and productive. I expect the meeting to last no more than two hours, probably less. There will be no other events offered during the time of the meeting so we may give it our full attention.

I am looking forward to us all being able to be together again and share our love for our Chinese Cresteds.

Happy spring!

Susan Miller