From the Prez….
I hope everyone has been saving up for gas money and air fare because this year’s national in Denver is one you’re just not going to want to miss. Pam Lee and her group of little Energizer bunnies have been working hard to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time.
There are so many reasons to attend your breed’s national specialty. Winning something is wonderful – especially this year with the incredible, once in a lifetime trophies. But, even if you don’t win anything at all, it’s still an experience you need to have.
First of all, if you’re truly dedicated to the breed, this is where you go to see the best of the dogs in the country. You will see trends that tell you how the breed is improving and where it needs work. This is also where you get a chance to see if there are bloodlines out there that you would like to incorporate into your own breeding program. The national specialty is a big part of your breed education.
Another reason to attend your national is to show off your dogs. This is your chance to let other exhibitors see what you have been working so hard to produce. And it lets you see how your dogs measure up against competition from all over the country.
Another really big reason to go to your specialty is for fun and for the socialization. (In this case, I mean socialization for the people!) You will see friends that you may see only once or twice a year. Nobody gets much sleep, but everybody has a chance to get caught up on all the news.
This year’s schedule is really full. From the Wine and Cheese Party to the final awarding of Best of Breed, there will be enough activities to keep everybody busy. Whatever your favorite activity, there will be something for you. This year there is a full range of performance events in addition to the conformation classes. The Top Twenty Gala , of course, is a must. You won’t want to miss the costume party and, don’t forget the annual meeting and the banquet. Just too many things to list. You’ll have to come and see for yourself!
See you there! Sue K-G