Logo Survey

Thank you to the 68 members who participated in the recent ACCC Logo survey with ballots reached the recording secretary by the stated deadline of July 1, 2008. It should be noted that three members did send in duplicate responses in which, two of these three duplicate surveys had the same response and the third did not. It is further clarified that with regards to the third survey submission, the first survey indicated a vote for “Update” and the second survey voted to “Retain” the same logo (*). Either way, that third submission had no bearing on the outcome of the final results:

68 Members participated:

35 votes were to CHANGE the logo
24 votes * ( or 25 ) were to RETAIN the logo
9 votes * ( or 8 ) were to UPDATE the logo

The next step in the Logo Survey will be to appoint a special advisory committee who will establish specific guidelines for the submissions of prospective logos for the ACCC membership to vote on adopting at a later time. This special advisory committee will be formed and comprised of ACCC members who had voted to secure a change to the logo and will be limited to one committee member per household.

Dawn Backos
ACCC Recording Secretary