When in turmoil, when in doubt,
Run in circles, scream and shout!

Unfortunately, this little poem describes the way some of our Chinese Crested folks have reacted to the report from the committee to study group realignment. With all the “stuff” flying around out there in cyberspace, it’s no wonder there is concern. And, of course, there are the few who always take advantage of a stressful situation and attempt to paint as grim a picture as possible, make accusations and, in general, whip up as much hysteria as they can.

Let me clear some of this up by telling you what I know.
1.This board had no knowledge that information relevant to this topic was being sought by anyone. We had heard rumblings that realignment was being considered, but no communication came to us from AKC, the committee, or anyone else.
2. I spoke with Mr. James Crowley this morning (September 15, 2008), and he confirmed that he did not have any input from ACCC. He also said that he would welcome input from us and we should send it directly to him.
3. We have time. Realignment will be a lengthy process and adjustments will be made to what you have seen. The committee has not yet reported to the board. The board will vote; the delegates will vote and then there will have to be a period of time to implement the new group structure – judges being one issue.
4. ACCC will ask for your opinion – just how, at this point, I’m not sure. We were blind-sided just as you were. We will be meeting on September 22 and we will come to a decision. I’m pretty sure it will involve a mailing, but the board will decide that. The results of this will be sent to Mr. Crowley. You will have an opportunity to be heard. Hopefully, the response will be better than it is to most requests for your opinions.

That is what I know.

This is what I think:

1. A knee-jerk reaction to this is not the answer. Thoughtful consideration is going to be required. In my opinion, there are advantages each way. Please don’t ask me how I will vote yet. I am still ambivalent. (Not a common condition for me!)
2. This is not a time for anger and accusations and “muddying the waters”. We need to come together as a group and calmly decide which is the best way for our breed to go. No deceit has occurred. Those of you that have contacted one of us on the board have learned as much as we know at this time. Those of you who have chosen to get your information from the “lists”, well, there you are.

We will be in touch.