THANK YOU to the many, many folks who have sent in ads for this year’s National Catalog (This is a combined catalog with both the ACCC National, Regional and Chinese Crested Club of the Potomac) includes more than 30+ exhibitor ads (18 pages of color ads!!) plus those from the Regional Clubs….this year’s catalog WILL BE a collector’s item!! The girl’s at Blue Ribbon have done an outstanding job!!

Please note that MARKED catalogs are available and will be mailed out after the National for those who will not be able to attend but, want to order this keepsake AND for those exhibitors who will be in attendance it is important to ORDER a catalog using the one-stop shopping form as we will not be ordering a huge excess of extras.

ENTRIES CLOSE TUESDAY MAY 12th at 6 PM PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME…..there is STILL time to use the entry service!!

Also, ALL reservations are due by MAY 20, 2009.…..this includes the Welcome Party hosted by Mercedes Vila, Karen Cooper and Carolyn Strunge (free for all participants), The Claudia Orlandi Seminar (this is a HIGHLY regarded seminar at a very economical price and we are getting reservations from many folks outside of the Crested World); Top 25 GALA (come and see the Breed’s finest compete for this year’s Top 25 Winner!!); and the Annual Banquet with EXCELLENT food!!!

Additionally, the show commemorative items: T-Shirts, Ladies Cute Shirts, Sweatshirts, Tote Bags and Travel Mugs are being ordered based upon PRE-ORDER reservations…so again in order to keep costs down we are NOT ordering extra mass quantities of items.

Thank you to many, many folks who have again been supportive with their time, resources and energy……It won’t be long now!!!

Allie would like to see if any of the kids attending would be interested in a Pizza and Swim Party….and if there are any hubbies tagging along that would like to escape to golf……that can easily be arranged!!

Dawn Backos
2009 Show Coordinator