Keep abreast of health issues, genetic testing, and research for Chinese Cresteds specifically, and canines in
a) Structure: The Committee will consist of no more than 5 members. A chairperson shall be elected or
confirmed from the membership and confirmed by the Board of Directors. The Chairperson shall be confirmed or
elected by July 1 each year..
b) Meetings: One meeting per month will be scheduled according to the availability of the members. A
quorum shall consist of 50% plus 1 member present at any meeting. The Chairperson is a voting member in all
c) Membership: Members will be asked for their continuing commitment to the committee for the following
year at the meeting preceding July 1 each year.
At the Annual Meeting, requests for new members will be requested and added based on vacancies
available and interest in the Committee.
There shall be one (1) member of the Committee who is also an active member of the Board of
If a member misses two (2) meetings in a row or three (3) meetings during the year, without notice of
cause to the Chairperson, they will be removed from the Committee.
d) Confidentiality: Members of the Committee shall provide their agreement for confidentiality.
e) The Committee will research and review all grant requests frrom Canine Health Foundation and other
research facilities to determine the best use of donated funds. The Committee members will submit their
suggestions to the entire Committee for discussion. Each request submitted by members will be reviewed and
discussed. The most appropriate request will be funded based on Committee agreement, keeping our Mission
statement in the forefront. Funding request motions will be copied to the Board of Directors, along with a request
to fund to the Treasurer.
f) Fundraising: Funds are derived from membership renewals, Purina Parent Club program, auction at the
Annual Dinner, and other activities supervised by the Committee. The Committee will endeavor to provide such
health testing as is appropriate during the National Specialty activities.
A group will be formed each year to coordinate the testing by contacting such professionals as are
g) A member of the Committee shall attend the Biannual Canine Health Foundation Parent Club
Conference. Registration cost for this will be covered by the Board of Directors. Travel and other expenses will
be covered by the Health & Genetics fund.