American Chinese Crested Club, Inc.
Sweepstakes Judges Nominating & Selection Procedure

The list of Sweepstakes Judges that have judged the ACCC National and ACCC Regional connected to the national within the previous 5 years should be requested from the previous committee chair.

Judging Sweepstakes at ACCC National Specialty, or ACCC Regional connected to the National is not permitted more than once in a 5-year period.

Sweepstakes nominations will take place in the month of April of even numbered years.

In October of odd numbered years, the Corresponding Secretary shall solicit from the membership, via email and The Bulletin, a minimum of 3-5 members for the Judges Nominating Committee. If there are more than 5 volunteers the BOD will select the committee members. The Judges Nominating Committee will select a chair. The chair and the committee will be placed on the agenda for the November Board of Directors meeting for approval. (This is the same committee that will be in place for the AKC Judges Nominations)

It is anticipated that each ACCC Regional event not in conjunction with the National will be a unique opportunity for the ACCC to provide a showcase for our breed.
The Judges Selection Procedure will be determined on an event-by-event basis at the discretion of the Event Chairperson and the ACCC Board.

The membership of the American Chinese Crested Club shall nominate the judges for the Sweepstakes at National Specialty and for any ACCC Regional held in conjunction for a 2-year period beginning in 2022.

The membership will be sent a list of persons ineligible Sweepstakes Judges in the month of April. Notice of how to submit nominations will be included with the list of ineligible judges.

Each ACCC club member in good standing may nominate up to 5 “judges” for Sweepstakes.
Ineligible Judges lists and nomination documents will only be mailed if requested by a member.
Nominations will be tabulated by a BOD approved firm.

The fifteen (15) Sweepstake’s nominees receiving the most votes will be placed on a list for consideration for the club’s National events for a 2-year period of time.

The board approved member will contact the Sweepstakes nominees in descending order inquiring as to their availably, and willingness to accept our contract to judge at the shows. This member cannot have a dog bred by, owned or co-owned by them entered at the shows.

National nominees for both years of the 2-year periods will be contracted before Regional nominees assignments are considered. For example, if the nominee with the most votes is not available for the first show in the 2-year period, they will be offered the second show. The next nominee in order will be contacted for the remaining available year. This will assure the nominees with the most votes are considered for the National. When both National nominees are contracted the same procedure will be used to contract the Regional nominee-when a regional is offered.

Contracts will be completed by the board approved member contacting the judges.
When the contracts are complete, they will be sent to the Board of Directors for approval. Following Board Approval the judges will be announced to the membership via Mail Chimp, the ACCC web site and any other means available.

As per the contract, National and Regional nominees will be asked to not accept a Sweepstakes judging assignment for Chinese Cresteds within 6 months prior to judging at the National or Regional.