H&G committee meeting 11/15/22

In attendance: Amanda Roop, Peg Shaw, Norma Feldman, Joyce Enlow, Dr. Wendy Ryan


-The request to change mission statement to  “The Mission of the ACCC Health & Genetics Committee is to set objectives and develop plans to protect and improve the health and welfare of the Chinese Crested”.

-Mission to provide each national with an educational seminar.  We understand the our time is limited but the health of our breed is important. 


(Current Mission for reference) 

ACCC Health & Genetics Mission

The Mission of this Committee is to support research and education regarding the health of the Chinese Crested. Funds are derived from donations from various fundraising activities. The stated goal is to donate a minimum of $3,500 per year to such studies approved by the Committee


-Webinar with Myra Savant-Harris to be available as a membership perk  to have first access. Launch date: Jan 1 2023 (whelping and neonatal nursing care) 

(Stud dog health and breeding)  

The cost to complete these webinars was 500.00. 

We would like to charge 25.00 per session or 40.00 for both sessions. 

-Passing out flyers at the Orlando, FL shows to provide information about the Webinar. A voucher could be donated as a prize for the BBE winners in Orlando’s specialty. 


-Dr. Wendy will be providing cardiac and patella screenings at the national specialty. (We will be providing 2 nights at the hotel for her) Dr. Wendy would also like a few minutes after our annual meeting to explain the importance of health testing. 

-Contacting Pawprint Genetics to check if they are seeing trends in our breed testing. 

Next meeting: 12/6/22 at 3:30 EST