Judge’s Education Report 


   I would first like to take a moment to say thank you for this opportunity to support the ACCC and this wonderful Breed by Chairing the Judges Education Committee. I understand how important education is to any breed and I hope to do this position justice.

   I did hear from Penny to welcome me and let me know she is available for any questions, as we know each other thru Xolos as well . I have gone thru the information I received and wanted to give you an outline of what I will be working toward.


  1. Updating powerpoint will be most involved project of course as it will be the main tool used during Judges education seminars , it was sent in PDF format so I will be creating as powerpoint as well as updating slide photos and wording within.
  2. The trifold is actually in good shape and I feel it only needs the Clubs website added . It has very good example photos and information .
  3. I will be creating an illustrated diagram that highlights the important aspects of structure that can be used by judges as a quick reference.
  4. Once the powerpoint is completed and approved , I will contact AKC to setup a new Webinar .
  5. I would like to also update the truncated exam questions ( the test the judges take when applying for breed), as they are quite outdated, so I am going to contact AKC for process to do so.
  6. I would also create the AKC Canine College Course for Chinese Cresteds.
  7. I will be contacting AKC to discuss glitches on Breed page – the video overtakes page and user is unable to navigate to any other info available.


I am very open to suggestions or ideas that you feel are needed and I missed…I appreciate any input…

Thank you again for this opportunity,

Teresa Campbell


P.S.    Can you contact AKC to update them of this position so they can update their website too please?

        Appreciate it in advance