Policy Development Report
November 2022


  1.  The end product will be a formal ACCC policy manual.  Trying to minimize the current location of policies, they are everywhere in minutes, papers, statements, and in people’s minds. 
  2. Policy should set the expectations for club members.  
  3. Policy helps in addressing future developments and its process aid in getting policies revised and approved.  
  4. the list goes on.  

Regarding the sample template

  1. The information reflected in the 1st policy is from the AKC.  The information in 2nd policy is copied and pasted from current H&G policy.
  1. Key risk perhaps is a conversation the board can have or maybe its not applicable.  

Policy Information  
Organization American Chinese Crested Club 
Scope of policy
Policy operation date 
Policy prepared by 
Date approved by Board 
Policy review date 
Purpose of policy 
Policy statement 
Key risks