Cindy Jones, Washington

My name is Cindy Jones. My kennel is called Silvercrest Cresteds located in both Washington and Arizona. I am currently a member of ACCC, PNCCC and CCCAZ. Currently I am a director with PNCCC, President with CCCAZ and a director with ACCC.

My passions are my dogs of course, making custom jewelry and making quilts for needy

I am owned by three cresteds!! My first crested came to me in 2016 who was spayed when she finished as there were issues in her pedigree. My other two have their grands. One at bronze and the other almost at silver. I enjoy showing my dogs and others in conformation and hope to do agility and obedience soon.

With my work experiences I have accomplished, customer service/Business awards, Employee hiring/training, Department heads as well as management positions in multiple jobs. I have worked in the back office handling cash for Safeway, Safety Coordinator for multiple jobs. Outside of the job force I co-chaired Relay for Life for our county as well as the concession stand. This includes set-up, planning menu, shopping, and running it) I have set up several open houses for small businesses. I am currently the silent auction/raffle chair for PNCCC.

In the resort we live in I am the secretary and monitor trainer of our Lapidary Club and part of the Communication Committee of our Resort Happy Trails. I have in the past been in the past Quilt Show Chair for our annual Quilt Show in the Resort,

I would love to continue on as a director. With the knowledge I have in my background will help the club achieve goals, and efficient nationals. I am good with people and have great skills to help solve any issue that may be needed.

Gina Rector, California

ACCC Board MemberMy love affair with purebred dogs started in about 1992 when I purchased a Dalmatian from a woman in my home town. I immediately fell in love with the breed,  and the sport. She mentored me, and guided me through the acquisition of a few more Dals, as well as allowing/encouraging me to show a few of hers.

That all changed when I got a phone call from her one afternoon in about 1995 (neither of us can remember the exact date): Gina, you have got to come see what I’ve got over here!

What she had was a little hairless dog named Tigger, the likes of which I had never seen before. This bouncy, joyful little fellow was pure energy and happiness! He never met a stranger… And my passion for Chinese Cresteds was born. I believe it was 1997 when I purchased MY first Crested, Muji, and my passion for this breed has never wavered.

I have had cresteds since then (1997). I have shown Conformation in the AKC, CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) UKC, and IABCA, titling in all those except IABCA.

My dogs, in varying numbers, have competed in ASCA Agility, Coursing Ability Tests, FastCats, and Barnhunt. They compete in NASDA (North American Sport Dog Association) trials where they are ranked Top 10 in their Discipline (ULII), and have titled in Trailing and Locating and Urban Challenge Games as well. One of them is just the second  Crested to attain an Urban Locating III title, and just the fifth Crested to attain a Barnhunt Masters Title. Two of the dogs will complete at Invitationals in Canada in June in Urban Locating with Nasda (Top 25 are invited). I am currently getting forms together for my second, third, and fourth Versatility Titles. A few have ATT, TKN and CGC titles as well.

I’ve been a member of the Chinese Crested Club of Southern California for over ten years, and have held the position of Board Secretary for several years.

I am also a current member of the Trailed By Twenty Hounds NASDA Club.

My aim in moving forward with the ACCC board is three-fold. I’d like to see continued focus on the health of our breed, promoting health testing and relevant seminars to aid in producing the healthiest dogs we can.

Second, we have an exceptionally versatile breed. We need to nurture this within the fancy so EVERYONE can learn just how much these smart and active little dogs can do! I want to push us forward towards more performance – let’s make this an even more  well-rounded breed.

And of course I want to continue to aid this extraordinarily hard-working board in putting on our beautiful Specialties every year… It’s a labour of love!

My husband and I are currently retired and live in Southern California.

Samantha Carter, Florida

I’m from the state of Florida, and I’m excited to continue serving on the ACCC Board. With previous experience in Club Boards and a commitment to the ACCC, I believe I can contribute significantly to our club’s growth.

Having spent considerable time within the ACCC, I’ve gained a solid understanding of our club’s workings and dynamics. My primary focus is on Conformation, although I also enjoy watching the performance events and have even stepped in to assist with FCAT at our last National event.

Beyond the ACCC, I’ve held various roles in the showing community. I previously served as the Specialty Chair for the Tampa Bay Poodle Club, and until last year, I held the position of Treasurer at the Manatee Kennel Club. Currently, I proudly serve as the President of the Manatee Kennel Club, where my main focus is organizing our yearly Christmas party. I’ve also taken on the financial responsibility of our health clinics in Brooksville and currently serve as the Show Chair for the Orlando ACCC Specialty. Additionally, I’ve served as the Trophy Chair for Manatee KC for several years.

Throughout my years of involvement, I’ve developed strong multi-tasking skills, handling various responsibilities including accounts payable and receivable, event planning, travel arrangements, and numerous other tasks. I’m dedicated to going above and beyond in fulfilling my duties.

My ultimate goal is to help the ACCC progress in a positive and effective direction, working alongside others who share a similar mindset. I’m excited about the possibilities ahead and the opportunity to continue contributing to the ACCC’s success.

Gina Crawley, North Carolina

Gina Crawley is a seasoned owner-handler/trainer with over 25 years of expertise in the world of purebred dogs. As an American Kennel Club (AKC) Breeder of Merit, Gina has dedicated more than half of her life to her passion of breeding, raising, and titling dogs in various disciplines, showcasing her versatility and commitment to excellence within
her breed. Her extensive experience extends across a range of activities, including Rally, Obedience, Hunt, Herding, Barn Hunt, and Conformation.

In addition to her achievements in the field & show ring, Gina has previous experience mentoring AKC Juniors as the local 4H club director, instilling her passion for responsible dog ownership in the next generation. She served as the Vice President on the board of the Piedmont Kennel Club for two years, contributing to the club’s success
and growth. Notably, Gina is the founding member and current president of the Palmetto Poodle Club, demonstrating her leadership and dedication to promoting the welfare of the Poodle breed. Currently, she serves as a board member for the Tarheel Chinese Crested Club, further showcasing her commitment to the Chinese Crested community.

Gina, alongside her husband Chris and son Rique, breeds under the Kennel Prefix Sunval. Residing in Charlotte, NC, Gina’s home is shared with 4 Standard Poodles, 4 Chinese Cresteds, and 1 Xoloitzcuintli. In her professional life, Gina is a Real Estate Developer specializing in large master-planned lifestyle communities.