Guidelines for ACCC Members

Each member of the American Chinese CrestedClub, Inc, will consider the best interest of the breed when engaged in any activities involving breeding, selling and exhibiting Chinese Cresteds and will refrain from any activities which could prove detrimental to the Breed and this Club. Members of the American Chinese Crested Club, Inc. agree to abide by the following:

* 1) No member of this club shall engage in the wholesaling of litters or individual Chinese Cresteds or the selling of breeding stock to such places as pet dealers, catalog houses, or other commercial sources of distribution, nor shall he engage in overbreeding his own bitches for profit with no regard for quality.

* 2) No member will mixbreed or advertise for sale puppies that have been mixbred.

* 3) No member will provide stud service to unregistered bitches, or breed bitches to unregistered dogs.

* 4) All sales will be accompanied with written contracts. * 5) Puppies will not be sold at less than 8 weeks of age.

* 6) The best possible standard of health and care in all dogs will be maintained and puppies will be immunized and checked for parasites on a regular schedule.

* 7) In breeding programs, members will keep alert for and work to control and/or eradicate inherited problems and conditions that are particular to the breed and breed as closely as possible to the standard.

* 8) Members will represent their dogs as honestly as possible to prospective buyers and to try to assist the serious novice in his understanding of the breed.

* 9) Each member of the Club has an obligation to protect the interests of the Breed, and pure bred dogs and or the sport of dog show competition in general by conducting himself in a good-sportsmanship manner designed to reflect credit on himself, the Breed, the Club and on other participants in dogs show generally. The good of the Breed comes before any personal benefits.

* 10) Breeders are responsible for all puppies he produces for their entire lives. An owner is responsible to ensure that any dog he can no longer keep is placed in an appropriate home and the breeder of the dog is notifies; however, if the owner cannot or will not take care of the animal any longer or abandons it, the breeder must make every effort to secure a new home for it.

* 11) Breeders will promote and encourage the spaying and/or neutering of pet quality Cresteds and use the Limited Registration for the not to be shown, not to be bred Cresteds.