Looking For a Puppy or Adult Chinese Crested?

Here are some suggestions for finding the right one!

ACCC Breeders

Your best bet is to contact a breeder in your area. Each member of the American Chinese Crested club, Inc, will consider the best interest of the breed when engaged in any activities involving breeding, selling and exhibiting Chinese Cresteds and will refrain from any activities which could prove detrimental to the Breed and this Club. All members of the American Chinese Crested Club have signed the ACCC Code of Ethics.

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Questions to ask the Breeder

1) How long have you been in cresteds and what do you feel are the greatest strengths of your program?

2) Can you provide me with documentation of health testing done on parents prior to breeding. (Yearly CERF, heart, genetic testing for PLL and PRA, etc)

3) Are you active in conformation through AKC? Did the parents finish their titles? Do you do any other sports or activities with your dogs?

4) Are you a member of the ACCC parent club? Are the dogs AKC registered?

5) Can you tell me about the parent’s personalities and temperament?

6) What kind of contract do you provide for puppy buyers? Do you enforce spay/neuter for pet dogs?

7) Do you take back dogs of your breeding if there is ever a need for them to be placed so they never end up in a shelter?

8) What kind of socialization do you do with puppies to prepare them for their lives? At what age do puppies go to their new homes?

9) Are you available as a resource for questions throughout the puppy’s life?

10) What vaccinations and vet checks do you do before the puppy goes to a new home?

11) How hairy is the puppy un-groomed? Can you show me pictures of the dog’s body hair and explain what grooming requirements it will need?