Looking For a Puppy or Adult Chinese Crested?

Here are some suggestions for finding the right one!

ACCC Breeders

Your best bet is to contact a breeder in your area. Each member of the American Chinese Crested club, Inc, will consider the best interest of the breed when engaged in any activities involving breeding, selling and exhibiting Chinese Cresteds and will refrain from any activities which could prove detrimental to the Breed and this Club. All members of the American Chinese Crested Club have signed the ACCC Code of Ethics (pdf).

Visit Our Breeder’s Directory To Find A Breeder In Your Area.

Regional Chinese Crested Clubs

One of these AKC Recognized Chinese Crested clubs may have a member with a companion available.

Chinese Crested Club of Nashville (TN) ——————-> Amy Bray (motherhen314@yahoo.com)
Chinese Crested Club of The Potomac (MD, PA, VA) ——————-> Jaime Coppage (faerydreamer19@aol.com)
Cowtown Chinese Crested Club (TX) ——————-> Website Contact Form
Chinese Crested Club of Southern California (CA) ——————-> Debbie LeGrand (mooncrestcc@yahoo.com)
Chinese Crested Club of Greater Los Angeles (CA) ——————-> Sue Gardner (tamoshire@gmail.com)
Delaware Valley Chinese Crested Club (PA) ——————-> Donnamarie Bakuckus (LejoCresteds@aol.com)
Pacific Northwest Chinese Crested Club (WA) ——————-> Rachel Morris (crestedahtfan@msn.com)
Tar Heel Chinese Crested Club (NC) ——————-> Claudia Drenan (cdrenan@nc.rr.com)
Heart of America Chinese Crested Club (MO) ——————-> Liz Keimon (HOACCCSecretary@gmail.com)


ACCC Rescue Coordination Committee Mission Statement

The mission of this Committee is to support Chinese Cresteds (as DNA is not available for proof of breed, a dog is determined by appearance to be a Chinese Crested) in need of rescue. The Committee will help provide financial assistance to a 501c3 Rescue, dependent upon need and available funds through donations and fundraisers.

Please contact our Rescue Coordinator, Marlene Ponder at mponderpda@aol.com for information regarding adopting a rescue Chinese Crested or help with a Chinese Cresteds in need of rescue.

Donate to the ACCC Rescue Fund here

Paypal info for donation button Email associated with the account: accctreasurer@msn.com