• ACCC Health & Genetics

    THANK YOU for your donation to the ACCC Health & Genetics Fund. If you have any questions about the ACCC Rescue, please contact the Health & Genetics Chair: Bev Ferris (dokkumcc@aol.com)
  • Myra Savant Seminars

    Myra Savant Harris has had a lifetime of passion for the canine reproductive process and has decades of hands-on experience breeding and whelping dogs. Myra is a well-known author of reproduction, whelping, and puppy intensive care books and is always generous with all of the knowledge she has experienced in her life of breeding dogs. Register now to view the 2 Sessions focusing on Neonatal Care and Canine Reproduction including the dog and bitch reproductive system, whelping and puppy care. BUNDLE & SAVE!  1 session cost is $25 Bundle and get 2 sessions for $40 All Proceeds benefit the ACCC Health & Genetics Please note: If you provide a "GMAIL" email, YouTube will provide you a private invitation link. If you do NOT provide a GMAIL email, an ACCC Representative will provide a private link.  

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