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ACCC Board Meeting
September 27, 2022

Zoom Virtual


Meeting Called to Order by President Lara Hill at 7:33 pm Eastern time. 


ROLL CALL: Lara Hill, Peg Shaw, Steve Kelly, Gina Rector, Liz Keimon, Patricia Buckelew, Angie Patchen, and Shelley Hennessy.  Sophia Kaluzniacki attended late. Ginny Dorris, Kathy Nusz not present.



Motion #1: Gina Rector motioned to approve the agenda. Angie Patchen seconded. Motion Carried



There were no corrections to the minutes and they were approved as distributed.



Nothing to Report 



Not present

New Membership Application

Type of Membership applied for: Individual

Name: Ann Wheeler

Address:  14643 E. 11th Place Tulsa, OK 74108

Phone: (918) 316-7888


Kennel: NIPIGON 

Occupation: Retired

Notes: Acquired first Chinese Crested in 2010 and has shown in Confirmation. Other breeds that Ms. Wheeler has kept, bred or shown are Standard Poodles, Miniature Poodles. Ms. Wheeler belongs to the Poodle Club of America, and the Poodle Club of Tulsa.

Sponsors: Susan Ashpaugh and Martha Campbell. 



Not present



Website Development – see attached report



Report: Chair Amy Bray asked to present the following to the Board: 

I would like to state I feel we had a very nice Jrs turnout for National this year. I think the Jr seminar was successful and each Jr took something away from it. We are in the process of working on something for next year, possibly a Jrs grooming seminar. I know time and space will be a little harder in a new venue in 2023. 

Jr Chair request:

Over the past couple of years the Jr committee has had successful fundraising efforts.  Our 2022 Jr National Winner has qualified for The National show in Orlando. I’d like to request 250.00, out of the Jr fund, to help get her there. I think she’d be an excellent representative of our breed in Jrs and our Breed ring.

Discussion: Would like a policy that states, any Junior, who is an ACCC member that both wins Best Junior Handler at the ACCC National and qualifies for National Show is eligible for $250 reimbursement for travel.  This will be an ongoing opportunity to support Junior Showmanship.  Reimbursement will come directly from ACCC funds dedicated for Junior Showmanship.  

Motion #2: Peg Shaw motioned to proceed with $250 travel expense to Junior Lily Jorgensen, who won the 2022 ACCC National Best Junior Handler and qualified for the 2022 Orlando National Juniors Championship.  She will be reimbursed after the show upon exhibiting in Juniors with a contingence that a policy is written for future years. Steve Kelly seconded. Motion Carried 


Sunshine Committee 

Sent a get well card



2023 National Specialty

Discussion: All Judges Contracts for conformation have been finalized.  We are working on finalizing the contract for the Obedience/Rally Judge.. We have received AKC approval notification for 4 days of All Breed FastCat.  We are currently working on a tentative schedule of events.


Versatility / Hall of Fame Proposal 

Discussion: Tom Frampton declined moving forward with the Versatility Chair role. Robin Pitoscia has offered to move forward with becoming the Versatility Chair. Robin sent a proposal to present the Versatility Award and P&P – see attached

Motion #4: Peg Shaw motioned to accept Robin Pitoscia as a combined Versatility and Performance Hall of Fame Chair.  Patti Buckelew seconded. Motion carried 


Letter to Committee

Motion #5:  Steve Kelly motioned to move into executive session. Gina Rector seconded 

Motion #6: Angie Patchen motioned to leave the executive session. Patti Buckelew seconded

Discussion: Board’s decision to form a new Health & Genetics Committee and appoint a new Chair. 



Monetary Cap on Judges Contracts

Discussion: Due to the rising costs of travel expenses, there is a need to raise the maximum amount in the Judges Contracts for the National and Regional shows.  

Tabled until the next meeting.



Discussion: Results from survey were presented and many requested breeding topics to be discussed in the future. Peg Shaw will get details for presenters that specialize in Reproduction and Neonatal Care topics. Will keep the registration fee as low as possible to cover expenses and fundraise for Health and Genetics. 

Motion #7: Peg Shaw motioned to proceed with planning an educational webinar/seminar with focus on reproduction and neonatal care. Steve Kelly seconded. Motion carried 


Next Meeting October 18, 2022 at 7:30pm Eastern Time



Motion #8: Gina Rector motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:14 pm Eastern Time. Angie Patchen seconded. Motion Carried