American Chinese Crested Club (ACCC) Committee to Assist Rescue Efforts & Chinese Crested Humane Fund

The Purpose

  • To support the American Chinese Crested Club’s mission to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed.
  • To encourage responsible breeding of the Chinese Crested by adhering to a written standard and by paying close attention to health concerns, proper nutrition, housing, and other factors that affect the lives of our breed.
  • To support responsible Rescue groups who take in purebred Chinese Cresteds through the Committee to Assist Rescue Efforts and the Chinese Crested Humane Fund.

Your Donations

  • The Bylaws of the American Chinese Crested Club do not allow for individual assistance. Donations are made only to recognized rescue organizations for Chinese Cresteds under their care, not to individual owners or foster homes. 
  • The American Chinese Crested Club does not have provisions or facilities to foster or place individual Chinese Cresteds. Rather, it supports several 501c3 rescue organizations.

To make a monetary contribution, use the image below. 

The Application Process for 501c3 Rescue Organizations

ACCC Humane Fund

  1. ACCC Humane Fund is dedicated to assisting 501c3 Rescue Organizations who provide rescue or rehabilitation services to pure-bred Chinese Cresteds.
  2. Donations must be used for the stipulated purpose.
  3. Funds can be used to help rescue groups defray veterinary expenses for an individual, pure-bred Chinese Crested due to a single, extraordinary procedure or treatment.
  4. Funds can be used to help rescue groups with veterinary costs when there is a sudden influx of Chinese Cresteds from a puppy mill or hoarding situation.
  5. Funds are not a subsidy for routine health care of rescued dogs.
  6. The ACCC requests that the rescue organization receiving funds report on the use of the donation, its effectiveness, and any other appropriate information. 
  7. Donations granted should be publicly acknowledged by the rescue organization in appropriate publicity.

Processing Donation Requests

  1. Prior to granting funds, the board will determine if the request is pertinent to the ACCC’s mission and purpose.
  2. Funds will only be granted to credible rescue organizations (based upon longevity, evidence of proper accounting and operating practices)
  3. Funds will only be granted if the ACCC Humane Fund has funds available for the request.

Application Process

  1. Organizations may complete an application to request for funding (see American Chinese Crested Humane Fund Application).
  2. Application should be submitted along with a full body photo of the dog to the ACCC Treasurer who will present a request for the board to review.
  3. Must include a copy of IRS Determination Letter confirming section 501c3 status and/or current IRS 990 form. 
  4. After an application is submitted, further information may be requested for review by the board.
  5. If a donation is approved by the board, the ACCC Treasurer will return a signed acceptance letter to the organization with a check for the amount granted.
  6. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Donation Amounts

A minimum of $250 and Maximum of $1000 can be donated per dog per year.


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