This Hall Of Fame is only one chapter in the history of the Chinese Crested. On these pages we will introduce some of the animals, breeders, exhibitors and owners who have helped form the American Chinese Crested Club. Our emphasis is on the recording show results and progress towards the ultimate awarding of the title AKC Champion while we draw special attention to other honors earned by all Chinese Cresteds world wide. Whenever possible, photographs of top performers are added to our collection. This time-line began in 1991 when our club was officially recognized by the AKC. At that time our breed was little known, with less than 2500 animals having AKC numbers. Since then our data base of AKC registered dogs has grown to over 30,000 dogs including almost 5,000 AKC champions. We invite you to stroll through these pages, meet the dogs and the people.Whenever you have an opportunity, feel free to congratulate each other in recognition of the shared hard work, mentoring, support and dedication represented here as we all share a great love for a great little toy dog. Over the years the task of maintaining and editing this record fell to the Hall Of Fame Committee cited below:

1991-1997 Renee Orr,
1998 Janet Kiczek,
1999 Gigi Law,
2000-2013 Jackie Miller,
2013-present Jennifer Young-Johnson.

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