American Chinese Crested Club Specialty- Orlando, FL December 16th, 2022


As of right now we are on track for the specialty.  Unfortunately, Mary Napper, our judge, had to cancel due to her husband’s health.  In order to get the new judge into the information into our judging program, the board did have to act fast on a replacement.  In Mary’s absence will be Mrs. April Clyde doing the breed and her husband Todd Clyde will be doing our juniors.  The Clyde’s were already attending seminars.  Mrs. Clyde is provisional, but I believe she will still have a good entry that does not pull due to the change.  On that note, our entries are 12-22-25-16 and 4 non regular entries.


The towels Ginny’s company is providing should be almost complete with the embroidery Terry Smalley is doing.  I am due to pick those up no later than the week after Thanksgiving so they are with me for the show.  Amy Bray also reached out and the pendants offered by the Chinese Crested Club of Nashville and in their adorable pouches and packed for her to bring when she comes as well.  Gift cards are being purchased for our judges and I personally am giving them each a couple Scentsy items as a thank you from the ACCC. 


I reached out to Marcia Tucker, who is looking forward to being our steward and will be there early enough to go over trophies and ribbons.  Ribbons have also been ordered thanks to help from Lara and also the MBF team for the flat ribbons.  I know there will be members attending that are not showing that I will possibly be leaning on for assistance if needed.  At this time, I think we are just about ready for this to take place.