Project Description

I am still on cloud 9 coming off of judging this year’s ACCC National!

The entry was spectacular, the dogs deep in quality, the friendship and camaraderie was wonderful and the venue absolutely gorgeous. Well done ACCC show committee!

I am humbled to have been selected for a second time to judge our breeds National specialty. There is no judging assignment that can compare to judging your own breed.

I was so happy to see the quality of this year’s entry. Puppy classes without a doubt were very competitive which is so great to see so many up and coming stars. And the specials class, some of the best quality I have seen in years. I had dogs not making the final cuts that in all breed shows I’d be placing in the toy group! Some improvements in the breed to be noted; I would say size has become more uniform in the breed and top-lines being level is a huge improvement. I also am seeing more slightly longer than tall dogs vs. not so long ago many being square. Bites are very nice as well. I saw a couple of wry mouths and reverse scissor bites but overall the majority of bites were good and dentition improving in the hairless.

Two areas in need of improvement in my opinion, are length of tail, a large percentage of tails do not reach the hock. I do believe breeders are working on tail length and tail set and doing a great job compared to years past as we aren’t seeing the high set tails and tails laying over the back. Powderpuff tails have improved greatly. If I had to stress one fault in the breed it would be front assemblies. Some are too straight in the front assembly overall while others have good lay-back of shoulder but lack the equal amount of upper arm. Sadly our breed is not alone, in judging multiple breeds, fronts are an issue in many.
Overall I’d say WELL DONE BREEDERS! This entry excelled in quality. It is also a pleasure to see so many new comers and a younger generation coming into the breed.

Thank you again to the ACCC membership for selecting me to be your 2023 National specialty judge. I am honored.

Deirdre Petrie
Makara Chinese Cresteds
Since 1986